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    ARC LED Light Bulb

    Created by the same people behind the levitating light bulb, the FLYTE team is back with another modern lighting product. ARC is a beautiful LED light bulb that redefines how a…

  • podcase-iphone-kickstarter


    Apple AirPods are the coolest wireless earphones for your iPhone but they are also a hassle to carry around, not to mention the risk of losing them since they are so…

  • winter-heated-insoles-kickstarter
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    +Winter Heated Insoles

    Winter is coming and if you dread your feet getting stone cold in harsh weather conditions, whether on a ski trip or simply taking a hike in the cold, here’s a…

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    Prepd Pack Lunchbox

    Don’t you wish your lunchbox was hot like me? That’s what the Prepd Pack Lunchbox would be singing if it had a voice. Launched on Kickstarter for a while now, this…

  • Tech


    Tired of using cheap and unreliable cable remote for your cameras that just mess up your photos all the time? The team behind Pulse wireless remote wants to solve the problem of…

  • Style

    Xpand Lacing System

    Xpand is definitely not the first shoelace gadget to tackle the hassle of tying your shoes, but it is a first that comes with a stretchable shoelace material. Similar to other…

  • Art

    Mini Museum 2

    Oh yes, the much anticipated Mini Museum is back for another round. The handcrafted collector’s item in its second edition, much like the first, features 26 specimens in a collection of…