Xpand Lacing System

Xpand is definitely not the first shoelace gadget to tackle the hassle of tying your shoes, but it is a first that comes with a stretchable shoelace material.

Similar to other shoelace anchors that allow you to trim off the excess lace forever, the Xpand lacing system features a stronger fiber reinforced resin material that will not snap, bend or warp according to its designers. The laces that come with the system is manufactured from a zero memory elastic rubber for a consistent fit for your everyday shoes.

Apart from the anchors, each system is also accompanied by a pair of special lace end clips so you can have the laces on the outside for a more athletic purpose and look.

Xpand clearly is one of the most functional shoelace systems with better aesthetics we have seen, it is inexpensively priced as well – US$19 (US$17 for early birds) before shipping for three packs worth with 24 shoelace colours to choose from.

It is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter from now till 25 November 2015. Estimated delivery is expected around January next year.

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