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Shock Clock

Oversleeping is a teething problem a lot of folks face in the morning, yet despite the number of devices and wearables out there to wake us or help us get better sleep cycles fail more often than not.

Shock Clock is the alarm clock wearable that’s about to change that. It beeps on the first alarm, vibrates after the first snooze and if you still can’t get out of bed, it zaps you (but won’t kill you). What that does, according to the founders, is it uses scare tactics to conditions your sleeping patterns – your brain registers the zap and you’ll automagically get out of bed before it hits you, after a few cycles.

The Shock Clock isn’t a new invention per se, it’s actually an iteration of Pavlok that was introduced a couple years back which basically features the same functionality to break bad habits except without the alarm clock. Reviews of Pavlok has been generally positive so it’s safe to say Shock Clock might be the real deal.

Priced at US$99 on IndieGoGo before shipping charges which is reasonable if it works, except you have to suffer the first few mornings.

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