Mini Museum 2

Oh yes, the much anticipated Mini Museum is back for another round. The handcrafted collector’s item in its second edition, much like the first, features 26 specimens in a collection of rare rocks from space, dinosaur and ancient mammal fossils.

Measuring 5-inch by 4-inch display encased in a Lucite acrylic, the Mini Museum 2 is a wonderful piece of art all history buffs would want, but it comes with a hefty price tag. At US$599 a block before shipping, you might want to think about it but with only few days left in this Kickstarter project, don’t take too long to decide.

Each Mini Museum 2 is individually numbered, all authentic, iconic and labelled. It is expected to ship by April next year and will come in a micro-fiber pouch with the Mini Museum logo, certificate and a printed companion guide full of information and images about all the specimens.

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